The first and only FDA-Cleared energy device for treating mild to severe acne.

What Does AviClear Do?

Acne develops when oil glands enlarge during puberty. The excessive oil clogs pores and leads to overgrowth of normal skin bacteria. This triggers the body’s immune response producing blackheads, pimples, zits, and underground bumps.

AviClear’s patented 1726nm wavelength shrinks these oil glands, targeting the root cause of acne, and thereby producing meaningful acne clearance in most people.

AviClear Results

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How Does AviClear Work?

“AviClear can improve the life of acne sufferers without any topical medication, without any oral medication, and without any significant side effects.”

Questions and Answers

In clinical trials, 88% of people get at least 50% improvement in their acne 6 months  after the final session, with 91% of people showing at least partial response. 

-36% of patients have clear or almost clear skin. 

-47% of patients have significant improvement from baseline. 

Regarding severe nodular acne, there was 97% reduction six months after the last  treatment! 

Inflammatory lesions (pimples, cysts, nodules) respond better to AviClear than  blackheads (clogged pores). 

There are no immediate results. You probably won’t see any improvement before the 3rd session. Overall, it takes six months after the first treatment to see meaningful  improvement, with further improvement 3 months after that. 

At least one year, and in a few of the patients followed in the original pilot study, two  years. However, we do not yet have long-term data to say this will last forever.

Three sessions, spaced apart every 4-6 weeks.

The actual laser treatment takes about  25 to 30 minutes. But additional time is needed to discuss the procedure, take  photographs, and sign consent.

Yes. About 40% of the patients in the clinical trials had darker skin types. The results  were equally effective as in lighter skin types, and no dark spots (i.e., post inflammatory  hyperpigmentation) developed. This means that we do not see discoloration because of treatment.

None that we know of. Clinical trials started 2 years ago. 

Almost none. Most people have redness that lasts a couple hours with very mild  swelling, and the vast majority of the redness and swelling resolves by the next day.

There is some discomfort, but no one in clinical trials stopped treatment because of  pain. Most people estimate a pain score of 3 to 5 out of 10. AviClear provides contact  cooling with brief bursts of energy that make the treatment tolerable. 

No, you may not. Do not use any topical anesthesia or numbing creams prior to the  treatment as this may interfere with the effectiveness and safety of the laser.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide that opportunity. However, keep in mind that no one in the clinical trials dropped out of the study due to discomfort.

No. It is considered non-insurable. 

No, you must purchase a package of three treatments, as a single session will not  produce meaningful benefit. 

Yes, we do. We partner with Care Credit. Contact our office for details. 

No, there is no guarantee; however, the majority of people are extremely satisfied.

Yes, it can. But it should not be thought of as a primary treatment for acne scars.

Once you undergo your initial treatment, we cannot provide even a partial refund due to the contract we have signed with Cutera.