Laser 532 KTP

Laser Treatment for Active Acne

How do lasers improve acne?

Lasers are felt to improve acne by damaging oil glands in the skin through direct heating. A variety of different laser wavelengths including 532 nm, have been shown to reduce acne lesion count. Overall clearance rates range from 30% to 70%, after multiple treatments. A single treatment is unlikely to garner significant improvement. A series of treatments is mandatory.

The 532 KTP laser reduces acne pimples and pustules but has little impact on deeper cysts. The wavelength is felt to improve acne through the following mechanisms of action: 

  • Killing C. acnes bacteria in the skin
  • Softening and melting of sebum (oil)
  • Reducing redness and inflammation

The treatment protocol consists of one treatment per week for 4 to 6 weeks.

The cost per treatment is $250.

KTP laser is safe in all skin types as well as pregnancy. Bleaching creams are recommended in skin of color prior to the treatment. No treatments must be discontinued with this laser.




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