ACOM Specialty prescriptions

Real Prescriptions, Real Results
-No insurance needed-

Specialty Medications

  • Acne Center of Michigan offers a customized solution that is tailored to each patient.
  • Our specialty prescriptions are manufactured in the United States and are preservative free.

Prescriptions & Pricing

Acne TBC combo gel (30ml) – $49

Acne Duo Plus (30ml) – $49

Triple Therapy Bleaching Cream (30ml) – $59

Tretinoin Intense Cream (120ml) – $55

Acne DS Clarifying Gel (30ml) – $55

Advantages of ACOM Prescriptions

  • Unique formulation not available through a pharmacy
  • Multiple active ingredients combined for ease of use
  • Well-tolerated, elegant vehicle
  • Highly effective therapy
  • Money-back guarantee if dissatisfied